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Why Bamboo Fencing today

Bamboo panels – Beautify and Uplift

If you are looking for hassle-free and smart ideas to lift the look of your existing open spaces in the front or backyard, look no further. Allow the simple lines of black bamboo to give your gardens a peaceful and calming Balinese feel, giving it an instant designer-garden facelift.  Bamboo panels are also very practical for covering up unsightly structures, or simply as a screen for added privacy in your backyard. Simply cut to size, install, and you are ready to relax and enjoy the neat, streamlined look of your new, tidy and private garden. The use and application of this versatile material is limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Bamboo panels – Versatile. Simple. Fast. Long lasting

Bamboo is one of the strongest materials used for building, flooring and paneling because of the durability and hardiness of the bamboo.  It resembles wood and has attractive attributes including resistance to moisture and insect. Additionally, it is very simple to install bamboo panels onto wooden, wires, concrete or steel surfaces by screwing or wiring. Cut to size, bamboo panels can cater to all your needs in beautifying your garden or hide existing wall or fence structures.

Bamboo panels – a tick for the environment

Bamboo is a rhizome root structure grass that takes less than half the time of traditional hardwood to grow. Compared to a normal hardwood tree which takes between 20-120 years to grow, a bamboo tree will mature within 3-5 years. It is known as one of the most easily renewable resources with minimal needs for watering. Bamboo harvestation leaves far less carbon footprint compared to a traditional hardwood forest plantation. You know you are getting an eco-friendly solution when you choose bamboo panels.